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MUT 16 Welcome Pack

I know these forums are for Madden 18, but there is no place else to post this since there are no Madden 16 forums. Since there is little left to do on MUT 18, and a month until MUT 19, I decided to go back and play MUT 16. The initial objective list requires buying a Welcome Pack from the store, but this pack seems not to exist anymore. Without it, I cannot advance in Ultimate Team; trading and selling are not available, and all other objective lists are locked behind that one which cannot be completed.

I called EA support, and they told me the best I could do would be to post here. So here I am. Even if you already played through MUT 16, or have no interest in going back, please share my outrage! EA, please make this make available, so the old game mode is playable!


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