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Madden Connected Franchise Game Didn't Save

Anyone ever ran into an issue where they play a full game, click finish, jump out to the main franchise screen. Then come back at another date and your game doesn't exist as being played even though you have a notification saying it was played?


Had this happen to another member in my online franchise so I'm trying to make sure there's a fix or a way to avoid it.


  • This happened in my league as well very recently. I am also looking for a fix, so if you solved this please let me know.
  • hey @tblanch26 ,

    unfortunately, I got no fix. I was bugging EA support about it and they pretty much had no answer and said that it runs off your console and not the cloud so it's basically lost forever. I asked about maybe recovering PSN cloud data and reverting back and they couldn't say if that would work for sure at all, just that it might. when I tried it, however, it didn't work (maybe I did something wrong).

    I ended up just having my friend and I play the game over completely.
  • Yeah...just wound up playing the game over again.
  • What about why cant you resume a user vs user game in Franchise, but you can resume a user vs cpu... They need to figure that one out.
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