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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: November Title update

Check out the Gridiron notes on our title update and share your feedback here


1. Complete 8 Team Leader Sequences
- 0 Challenges arrive when selected
2. Complete 8 Team Leader Sets
- 0 Challenges Available now to earn Gold &/or Silver Team Tokens & Price is over Priced & unaffordable to acquire in the Auction Market


  • Same Issue Occurs, Still Today... Any Changes & Ability To Achieve Sequences & Team Leader Sets Available?
  • Same Issue... What’s going on here?!?!?! Sorry I’m competitive & would like to achieve my Objectives... No Response & my Phone # appears Blocked I just called Saturday before 7pm Eastern Time Central Time is a Hour Earlier & Open until 11pm Central Time so Midnight Eastern Time & I cannot talk to you... What’s the deal? I talk Kind try to resolve & correct game issues for myself & others if they have the same scenario
  • Eastern Time to Central Time, Eastern is 1 Hour Ahead... Ummm It’s not past 11pm Central it’s now 8:40pm Eastern so 7:40pm Central but you don’t accept my Phone Calls!?!? Today is Saturday you ARE Available 8am-11pm Central so you got 3 Hours & 20 Minutes to talk to me via the Telephone or is my Number Blocked!?!?!? What is going on EA?
  • P.S. I been signed out of EA connection numerous times but my PSN Network Connection has been checked I’m NOT Signed Out... You’re really starting to upset me
  • Just starting my Playoff Game... Please don’t kick me off now... If so I will post a complaint
  • EA_Roger
    1471 posts EA Community Manager
    @jam0707123 ,

    Sorry for the delayed response and for the issues you are having contacting our support. I'll check this out on my side of things, can you let us know if you are only blocked while calling or if any other options are available for you? Have you created a lot cases with our support recently?

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