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Wrong June Monthly Rewards?

Hello people,

for the month of June I finished with 36 wins, which should have been exactly enough for Gold Tier 2 monthly. Now I recieved the rewards for Silver Tier 1. When I check the leaderboards, the requirements for Gold 2 were raised for this month ( obviously there is no weekend league this month ). What is going on?

Gamertag: ZembrexYT

Console: Xbox One


  • craig8169
    1 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    I received elite 2 rewards for the month for 68 wins when it was showing on the game for the entire month of June that 68 wins would get Elite 1 rewards for the month. However yesterday on the 4th they changed it to 70 wins early in the morning and then later when I checked it changed to 72 wins. If anyone else was paying attention to this please contact EA and make your voice heard...

    Console: PS4
    Gamertag: Craig8169
  • Why is this ignored all the way?
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