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Chandler Jones' Rating Seems Low

I do not understand Chandler Jones' Madden rating.

How many times in the history of Madden has the sack leader gotten worse in the game? 87 overall seems low for what Chan has done.
  • Most productive pass-rusher over two year period
  • Full-time player, playing second most number of snaps of edge defenders in league
  • Third-highest number of snaps rushing passer yet first in production
  • More multi-sack games than 0 sack games in 2017 (4:3)


  • In the last 4 seasons, only Von Miller and Ryan Kerrigan have more sacks (48.5, 47). Chandler Jones (46.5) played in 7 fewer games in that span, his 2014 season cut short due to a hip injury. Excluding his rookie year and injury-shortened 2014, Jones has averaged 13 sacks/season.

    He has a very real opportunity to become the 4-year NFL sack leader for the 2015-2018 seasons.

    Now that I'm looking at it, Ryan Kerrigan may also be underrated but that might be an argument for a different post.
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