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How To Get Madden NFL 19 Loyalty Rewards Program Content.

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A little bit of loyalty goes a long way. To prove it, we’re announcing the Madden NFL 19 Loyalty Rewards Program, showing our gratitude to our most devoted players. So, if you have played Madden NFL over the past three years, you’re going to want to read on, because you’re automatically eligible for some sweet in-game content.

How the Madden NFL 19 Loyalty Rewards Program Works


If you logged in to your EA account over the last three years to play Madden 16, Madden 17, or Madden 18, as soon as you log in to Madden 19 with that same EA account, you’ll receive the content. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Wondering if it matters how and where you played Madden over the past three years? As long as you picked up the sticks and logged in with your EA account, whether you owned a copy, played a few games at your friend’s place, or rented a copy at some point, you’re still entitled to the Loyalty Rewards content.

This is a cross-platform deal, too. If you switched up consoles and played Madden 16 on PlayStation® and played Madden 17 and 18 on Xbox One, all of the previously played titles count as long as it was on the same EA account. No catches, no gimmicks. Seriously.

What You Get

There are three tiers of Madden 19 Loyalty Rewards, based on your gameplay tied to your EA account over the course of the three previous years’ titles. Depending on your activity, you’ll be entitled to redeem up to three Fantasy Packs that each include one 83 OVR Elite Madden Ultimate Team item.

The MUT items available for redemption via the Loyalty Rewards Program are:

Jimmy Graham, TE: 83 OVR Elite
Brandin Cooks, WR: 83 OVR Elite
Demarcus Lawrence, DE: 83 OVR Elite
Zach Brown, LB: 83 OVR Elite
Glover Quinn, DB: 83 OVR Elite

Three-year title players get a maximum of three Fantasy Packs, so you can earn up to three of the above five 83 OVR Elites total in MUT19.

Do you have to pre-order Madden NFL 19 to get these Loyalty Rewards?

Nope! This program isn’t tied to pre-orders. Anyone who played previous titles over the past three years will be eligible for the reward content.


When you do pre-order the Madden NFL 19 Hall of Fame Edition, though, you’ll get an even better foundation laid out for your MUT19 roster in addition to earning the aforementioned Loyalty Rewards content when you fire up the game for the first time.

With the Madden NFL 19 HoF pre-order, you get a ton of bonus content that includes three days early access to the game, one of five Elite Legends items, one Madden NFL 19 cover athlete Elite item, one Elite item from your favorite NFL team, one training pack, 12 Gold Team Fantasy Packs, and two custom uniforms in MUT.

MUT Loyalty Tokens via NFL Replays

For the MUT faithful out there who are wondering what your MUT18 Loyalty Tokens from the NFL Replays Program will get you in MUT 19, we have some answers. Even if you’ve already redeemed your Loyalty Tokens, don’t get #madonline just yet.

However many Tokens you earned in MUT18, even if you spent them, you’ll receive the same amount when you fire up MUT19. Depending on how many Loyalty Tokens you have, here’s what you can get:


1 Token = NFL Replay Pack – limit of 5
2 Tokens = Legends Fantasy Pack – limit of 4
3 Tokens = UL Fantasy Pack – limit of 3
6 Tokens = Random NFL Replay Set Player – limit of 2
7 Tokens = Random Ultimate Legend Set Player – limit of 2
10 Tokens = Random NAT Golden Ticket Player – limit of 1


1 Token = Small Quicksell Pack - limit of 1
2 Tokens = Offense Silver Player Pack - NAT (x8 players) – limit of 5
2 Tokens = Defense Silver Player Pack - NAT (x8 players) – limit of 5
4 Tokens = Offense Gold Player Pack - NAT (x5 players) – limit of 3
4 Tokens = Defense Gold Player Pack - NAT (x5 players) – limit of 3
8 Tokens = Offense Elite Player Pack - NAT (x1 player) – limit of 2
8 Tokens = Defense Elite Player Pack - NAT (x1 player) – limit of 2

For more details, keep an eye on @EASPORTS_MUT on Twitter.

Do you have to be signed up for Madden Rewards or MUT Rewards to get this content?

Nope! But while we’re on the subject, let this serve as a reminder that when you do sign up for Madden/MUT Rewards you can earn even more content for just playing MUT throughout the year as you rip more packs.

We said at the top that a little loyalty goes a long way. And if you’re keeping track at home, we just broke down five different ways that you can earn free in-game content before you even have a copy of Madden NFL 19 in your possession.

–Matt Franciscovich (Follow Matt on Twitter @MattFranchise)


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