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what's the deal with blocking on tourney

Why is there no blocking on the HB Cutback this week? It's bad enough counters are on these events when we are limited to 1 type of play but we got to deal with glitches too? Go on to Overdrive 18 was a FAIL.


  • I hate the weekend tournaments, never get any decent picks for the type of tournament. Completely pointless event in my opinion especially when I’ve played all season to build a good team but then don’t get the option to use it in tournaments. I’ve accrued nearly 400 tourney tickets just because I play one game, get countered and then can’t be bothered to continue with the event. Along with the market place, the weekend tournaments are a big fail this year.
  • Tried to put a screenshot up but 4 plays in tourney and 3 had 35% soft counter? ****?! Is every play 2pt PAT now?!
  • Next 2 drives went like this 6 plays 4 countered at 35% and 4 plays 3 countered at 25%. Instead of getting rid of plays this year, the gameplans should have never been installed. It has destroyed a chance of being rewarded for grinding and/or paying for good teams. I know, timed to be "removed and banned for a billion years"
  • Because of the gps of others mostly. They really need to take countering out. Especially on runs since they dont have alot of great running plays
  • The whole "cant let people win all the time CR AP " needs to stop. What's the use in a "draft some of the best players!" When they just drop passes and fumble after you get so many wins. Waiting for Overdrive but with the "fantasy scoring" I have a feeling EA's hand will being the results of every one of those games too.
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