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MUT Rewards

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edited July 2018
I need help. I cant sign in MUT Rewards. When I select MUT Rewards there is this Error. This code has either been used, is invalid, or has been entered incorrectly. Please check code and re-enter.

If you are still having difficulty please visit EA Support for help with your code.

When I visit EA Support they dont help me. They just talk something and say sorry that I cant help you.

Someone have the same problem? Or can help me? I want the 7 Rookie Premier Patches in the Mut Rewards.

I cant see Challenges or Objectived in MUT. Where I can find it. Or where can I unlock them? I dont know how MUT Rewards really work. And I can sign in but dont get the Rewards, Challenges or Objectives. There is only the error you can see earlier in this text.

Ty all for helping!


  • I haven’t received any of the free rookie premiere patches from mut rewards I’ve opened 963 packs, and I really wanna do a rookie set for next year please help
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