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Madden Mobile Account Recovery

Is there a way for me to recover a guest account off a lost phone without a UID?


  • Unless you linked the account to either Facebook, Game Center or Google Play there is unfortunately no way to recover the account. Make sure you link your account to one of these 3 options so that you do not lose your account again.
    Moderator and AHQ Hero.
  • Is there not also a way to find it using player credentials like OVR, Level, or Username?
  • Generally no, as someone could have the exact name, OVR and level as you theoretically. It's to make sure that no one fraudulently takes someone's account if they know the details.
    Moderator and AHQ Hero.
  • Is this true even if I know almost all other info, including each roster position and also my league? I also have purchase info from buying in game.
  • What you can try and do is contact EA Support through this link: https://help.ea.com/ .

    Provide them with all the information you have on your team and some transaction numbers of your recent purchases and explain what happened with your account. They will hopefully be able to assist you with this problem.

    Hope you can get your account back :smile:
    Moderator and AHQ Hero.
  • Thanks, PlatinumDynasty.
  • You're welcome, good luck!
    Moderator and AHQ Hero.
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