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Fix the Cheating on the Tourney!

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edited July 2018
I am getting tired of getting ripped off every time I have a matchup in the tourney I should dominate. Like a stupid scramble timer show up on 4th and 1 and my QB stops at scrimmage line! And I hadnt even scrambled any in a couple games! Dang just let us turn in tickets for random prizes. Its plain to see we dont control our outcomes. Worse and worse, nice way to make people to want to even take a chance on a new edition.

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  • The tourney has ruined the season, especially the draft function. I’ve grinded so hard for a decent team and can’t even use it. H2H is flawed, 8 second TD’s against a 125ovr team and the seasons are rubbish with absolutely no competition at all. The tourney is the only place where I could really use my team but drafting has ruined it.
  • I liked tourney but it needs to be a bit better on speed blocking and secondary holding receivers. My rb with 108 speed got chased down by a dt with 80 speed. My qb does strong toss and gets tackled on the snap before the toss. Trips hb counter start getting tackled and rb doesnt grab ball. Rts dont block des.
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