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Hello Guys,

I am currently using my EA Access to download Madden as we speak so I should have a lot of these answers shortly, I was thinking of writing this out the other day and didn't even think to check EA Access for Madden trial. So utlimatley lots of this could be answered.

To me, football is the ultimate team sport, yet I feel like Madden is the furthers behind all gaming series in terms of playing with a friend.

nba - You can make a pro... and take him to play 1 on 1 2 on 2 3 on 3 etc .... You can take this pro anywere online and matchup in backyard style games or in amateur matches, obviously with your friends

Fifa - you can play co-op seasons with a friend.. you can play couch co-op / you can create a pro and play with 10 friends in a club match

nhl - you can create a pro and play 6 on 6 online... you can play couch co-op with 5 friends all sitting in the same room

From past experience Madden has not allowed couch co-op / it has not allowed you to invite a friend and play online head to head. Nor does it have any sort of mode to allow your pro to be part of a "team" or a "club"

They did bring back 3 on 3 team play last year, but sadly that was tied to MUT, which in turn became a PAY TO WIN game mode that died out after a month or two.

I really hope this season introduced a "BE A PRO ONLINE" like the 3 games above have, were you make yourself.. and then use that player to team up with friends in an online game mode. I can't believe that doesn't exist, that you make up an "offensive player" and a "defensive player" and you level them up as you go along.

Enough of this 1 on 1 stuff in Madden, its time for it to really evolve into a FRIENDS ONLINE game, were you can play 2 on 2... 4 on 4... 5 on 5 etc. Every other major sports title offers this, and lets really hope it isn't tied to a PAY TO WIN MODE.
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