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Make Your MUT Roster Shine with Team Diamonds.

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Team Diamonds focuses on collecting all the prominent players for each NFL team. Complete each set to earn that team's Diamond player. Diamonds are high OVR players who also provide special boosts through chemistry. Diamond Sets unlock at MUT Level 15 and require the top 30 Core Players from a team to complete.


32 Solo Challenges will give you a leg up when finishing Diamond Sets and reward you with players used to complete them.

Reward for 10 Game Sequence 1: Team Fantasy Pack for a Gold Player needed in the sets

Reward for 10 Sequence 2: x3 Team Fantasy Pack for a Gold Player needed in the sets

Reward for 12 Sequence 3: Team Fantasy Pack for an Elite Player needed in the sets

Diamond Master

Team Diamond Master Ronnie Lott


Turn in all 32 Team Diamond collectibles to earn 94 OVR Team Diamonds Master Ronnie Lott with 3x Team Chemistry and 2 Defensive Scheme Chemistry Slots.







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