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Hello Guys,

Not sure if Devs ever read this, or if Mods can forward this information to developers just wanted to leave some disappointment here with some suggestions.

In terms of online and friends.. Madden IMO is far behind the nhl/nba/fifa series.

NHLs most predominate series is the EASHL / CHEL series. You make a pro, and take that pro online in up to 6 on 6 action. You can even couch-co up with 5 other friends.

NBA is really all about creating a pro and taking that pro into an online setting. You can go to the "streets" and play 1 on 1... 2 on 2... 4 on 4 etc etc etc... of course being able to invite your friends along the way.

Fifa - You can play couch co-op online , you can invite friends and play online co-op seasons... you can once again create a pro and bring him online in a club with your friends... like up to 10 people on ur team at a time haha.

Madden... No be a pro online... no couch co-op online, no head to head co-op seasons.... and the only way to play with friends is up to 3 on 3.... ( the lowest of the above games ).... doesn't involve be a pro... In fact the only option for 3 on 3 is tied to a PLAY TO WIN MODE in MUT...

What gives with any of that lol?

Madden needs to allow for couch co op... and it needs to move its 3 on 3 mode to using real NFL teams, not cards. No other game is like this.... why is Madden?

Would love to see a be a pro online mode were you create an offensive pro and a deffensive pro, and you and your friends can build a franchise. You take your pro online vs other pro's and just have regular AI fill ins. You can work on your stats based on how things go in the game.

Even having online co-op seasons would be a great start in playing with your friends. As it stands, if I want to play on the same team as my friends we have to play MUT.

I was on MUT yesterday in and joined a lobby for team play... BOTH TEAMS already had rodgers/brady/obj/gronk/bell core cards, both teams were filled with 83-85 players and the game isn't launched globally yet.

How is my 62 overall team supposed to compete?
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