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Shed Block on Steroids

For the last 12 years or so, I wished linemen would block better. I really hate to keep citing 2k Sports but I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that in a video game 10+ years old, they were able to figure out how make OL drive their blockers 3-5 yards out of the play.

But this is what really had me laughing last night. My OL gets outside and upfield to block a CB. In real life, the CB would have been plowed 12 yards but in EA world, the OL and the CB did their dance and as the RB got near, the CB did his shed block thing against the lineman.

Again... hate to keep being the "but 2k Sports..." guy but really?

But at least you gave me Longshot.


  • I agree. It’s crazy. As soon as u see a sliver of a whole u mash sprint and instant insta sheds happen.
  • Run game is broken. It's insanely difficult even with a 90+ back and good O-line on simulation.
  • Run Game so broken. Where did they get this tackle noise, sounds like cars not football players
  • I'm happy someone can shed a block. I can not break through the line to put pressure on the QB or grab at a RB as he wistfully strolls by me, making the neener neener face.
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