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Who are the fastest Day 1 players in MUT 19?

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From MUT head dot com:

Speed kills, especially early in the Madden Season. Picking up a few key speedsters for your team can make grinding solos easier and give you a huge advantage in some of your first online H2H games. Here are the fastest players at every position in MUT 19 on Day 1:

QB - Lamar Jackson (87 SPD)
HB - Corey Grant (89 SPD)
FB - Jamize Olawale (80 SPD)
WR - Tyreek Hill (91 SPD)
TE - Greg Olsen, Vernon Davis, Evan Engram (83 SPD)
OT - Lane Johnson (76 SPD)
OG - Kristjan Sokoli (69 SPD)
C - Cameron Tom (68 SPD)

DE - Bruce Irvin, Vic Beasley Jr (80 SPD)
DT - Lewis Neal (73 SPD)
OLB - Shaquem Griffin (84 SPD)
MLB - Deion Jones (84 SPD)
CB - Jalen Myrick (89 SPD)
SS - Adrian Amos (90 SPD)
FS - Ronnie Lott (89 SPD)

Special Teams
K - Jake Elliott (74 SPD)
P - Marquette King, Matt Haack (80 SPD)

Which position do you think speed is most important for in Madden 19?

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