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Solo battle issues

Solo battles are really messed up right now. Currently whenever I go into a game it changes my playbooks back to the default that came with my team. I play a 4-3 defense so when the game changes it to a 3-4 it really messes me up.

The ratings are also very glitchy as I have faced 74 overall teams where nearly every player is a 90+


  • yes i have the same issue pls fix it.
  • Tallrat73
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    edited August 2018
    It is your uniforms. What is happening is you are using the play book from that teams uniform.
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  • Every time I start a solo battles game it has the wrong playbook. I have done all the troubleshooting from ea help and nothing has worked and every time I make a post you guys close it without helping.
  • I have the same issues fix please I have lost 4 games because of this issues
  • What ever uniform you have in the visual spot that is the play book you will have in the solo battle so if you want your playbook you pick at the start remove the visual uniform.
  • So I can’t use the mut masters uniform?
  • EA_Cian
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    I've just merged two threads about Solo Battle issues together. Carry on!

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