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Anyone else unable to launch the game on PC?

Already been through multiple chats with tech support, followed all their recommendations. This is ridiculous, I don't even get an error message telling me what's wrong.


  • Update with more details, here's what I have tried after going through tech support:

    System specs:
    • Windows 8.1 Professional
    • i7 4790
    • GTX 960
    • 16 GB DDR3
    • Origin installed on SSD in C:/, Game installed on HDD in D:/
    • Clear Origin Cache
    • Run CC cleaner
    • Disable firewall/AV
    • Flush DNS Cache
    • Reset Host file
    • Reset IE settings
    • "Repair" the game
    • Reinstall the game
    • Run game/origin as admin
    • Clean booted PC
    • Clear Browser cache
    • Created a fresh admin account
    • deleted dbdata.dll, repaired the game again to replace it (Tech support id'd that library as an issue)
    • updated NVidia drivers

    still, cannot launch the game. I can see the executable start its process in task manager, and Origin updates to note I'm playing the game, but after a few seconds the executable exits immediately without an error message.
  • I also am unable to launch the game. My system's behavior seems just like yours:

    1. Start game in Origin
    2. Wait while it loads to a black screen (game's opening and you can see in Task Manager)
    3. Snaps back to Desktop, back to Origin client. No error message

    @Hilgyman I saw you in 2 other threads. Was your issue resolved? Some users mentioned a patch/update resolve their issue.
  • I am unable to launch from my desktop computer. I see the initial opening page graphic but nothing happens. Sometimes I just get a black screen. My system meets required specs. I have updated nVIDIA gtx 1060 driver and run DxSetup from Madden 19 folder. Reinstalled Origin. Deleted NVidia 3D Vision and GeForce Experience.

    My gaming laptop won't launch Madden 19 either. I get a DirectX error and nothing else. I've tried most of the same things listed previously.
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