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Lack of penalty calls in MUT and current defensive glitches

Playing on PC madden 19 has been a great time so far. my one thought though is that I have yet to see a holding call or a pick interference. not one defensive pass interference (and some have been so clear) like getting shoe string tackled when you have a player beat on a go route. when the ball is 15 or 20 yards away from being caught. or a defender diving on the ground interrupting a route making the WR do a hurdle move and then being unable to catch the ball. these types of defensive plays work and is becoming a common sight now. these should be called pass interference. makes the game not feel like football. makes the game play at times feel like should I say NFL blitz. only other thing i feel like some of the line adjustments when playing offence don't feel like they are working right. this could just mean i need a better O-line but all of them at at least an 80 or up and should hold there own. the penalty calling needs to be addressed fast in all game modes or the cheap pre-tackling moves will continue to make passers very frustrated due to it not being realistic.


  • No pass interference calls again after another full day of playing madden. so many times i have been tripped up or picked on a route by a user controlled player. i started doing it myself. and since block shedding is crazy good on all madden making it almost impossible to run more than a yard or 2. The no pass interference calls have made a lot of my games go 0 - 0 or 7-7 in OT very low scoring. also it seems people have figured out how to block field-goal attempts with high consistence. I think holding calls could easily be an RNG type of a call to open up some holes in the run game. not all holding calls are called in real NFL games. and the kick blocking should have some RNG to it as well. I really like the Icing feature though. well done with that EA.
  • Anyone else having a glitch whenever they play with or against Sean Taylor his face does not load in properly and You can’t see the screen when your against him
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