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Pros and Cons: franchise mode attention to detail

First the Pros: the pre-snap player movement is much improved, being able to creep, and not get jerked around at the snap is great.

Player motion on offense is nice, guys hustle to get to spots like real life.

Player movement seems better, less ice scating than 18

The Cons:
Franchise merchandise: Jersey Sales: All scrub players, when it should be best players.

The CPU can't run at all. Obviously the running is broken, and this goes for the CPU too. Running gets blown up, with the big "crash noise" every play. I just held David Johnson to 12 yards on all madden.

EA doesn't seem to care about intentional grounding, the CPU will fire the ball into the stands from the pocket, no problem.

Run after catch is broken, guys just can't seem to turn up field, the only thing we want to do. When you try to get north, the ball carrier drops into a hard cut, freezing the player, and since you can't run "crash noise".

It's only the first day, but it feels like fumblerama, I've put the ball on the ground at least 6 times across two games. I'll try to protect more.

Why won't my starting ROLB, actually start at ROLB? All the new depth chart options are an answer to nothing, there was never a problem, I'll have to look up those acronyms and see why they matter, I'm more concerned how to pick my starting ROLB..

Crash noise takes everywhere, even little DBs can put Fournett on his rear end, not realistic.

The dive is over powered, just call it the "super man", and along with it are the ridiculous heal tackles. You're not going anywhere

You guys need to do better R&D and keep what players like and modes and fix what they don't, not this random hodgepodge.

Archetypes and player progression changes feels like a mistake, there was nothing wrong with the game there, now it's just chaos.

Fantasy Draft, told me every pick was bad pick true value versus where I took the guy, but the numbers make no sense, again a feature I didn't need that looks broken.

CPU game play get really wonky at times, I
Keep watching instant replays wondering what's going on.

EA has the NFL football monopoly so this is all we get.

Need coders who play the game, and watch football, to merge the experience, and test the game, maybe to needed a couple more weeks in the oven

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