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MLB are super human again

so i am playing Madden 19 and i started to notice mlb getting ints on routes they have no business touching. you guys fixed this for madden 18 but some how it made its way back in to madden 19
are you guys looking in to this.
thank you


  • Because they recycle old code for "new" games. That's why things come and go and are brought back later as "new". This game is not new. It's an older version with better graphics.
  • They've been killing me as well with their superhuman reactions/reflexes.
  • Mlb spying should not be able to jump and catch a lob pass thrown 30 yards down field. That's absolutely ridiculous. He was 20 yards in front of my receiver. Insanity.
  • yes i know they fixed it in madden 18 but somehow it made its way back in to the game pretty much takes away the middle of the field
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