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Intentional Grounding penalty

So, I've only been asking for this for the past 4 years, but you still don't have intentional grounding in the game. Of the hundreds and hundreds of bugs and inaccuracies (football related, physics related, math related), this one probably bugs me the most because it allows the opposing QB to get out of a sack on nearly every single play.

Since you haven't implemented it in the game, I'll break the rule down for you so you can put it in.

1. If the QB throws the ball away while between the tackles (meaning anywhere where there is no eligible receiver in the area), that's intentional grounding.

2. If the QB throws the ball away outside the tackles and the ball doesn't go past the original line of scrimmage, that's intentional grounding.

The ball is then spotted at the point where the QB threw the ball, or 10 yards from the line of scrimmage, whichever is further. It also results in a loss of down. If it occurs in the end zone, the defense is credited with a sack. If it occurs in the last two minutes of either half, there is a 10-second runoff from the game clock.

It's not an overly complex rule. Last year was much better because, even though the penalty didn't work properly, the QB scrambled more and took sacks while in between the tackles. You could've just used the same code from last year, instead they copied 17's code.


  • Intentional grounding and passing interference are both completely missing. I'm about tired of the CPU safeties getting away with simply blocking up my deep route WR so they can't even run their routes. Once your WR breaks free and you try to throw to them your QB throws to where the WR should be on the route instead of where he broke free which generally has the other safety or CB standing there for the pick.
  • But their WR is always open above your DBs. Yeah, I know. There are so many issues like that.
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