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stuck at terms and conditions screen - ps4

im on my 3rd reinstall now. i have disk version - ps4. i put the disk in and let the game install on hardrive. then install update 1.06. i waited about an hour then go into game. it shows 48. 24 GB. I load up game and get to title screen where it says "press a button". when i press a button i go to the terms and conditions/user agreement screen. a window pops up that gives the usual notification "recording is paused because of blocked scene" or whatever, and then everything is ghosted out. i can see the user agreement window still but only the outline and everything is grayed out, barely visible. i can hear the title menu music as well. lower right corner there was a window that said "checking system storage". i can see this outline as well but everything is grayed out still. the system is not frozen because i can press PS button to get back to PS menu as normal. im guessing maybe i have to wait like 3 hours before playing? how long does the install take from the disk? ive never seent his happen with any game before. any ideas?


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