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Bugs and glitches


  • Every stretch and power run, the running back receives the handoff and just pauses before actually running. It's absolutely ridiculous.
  • There are others but these are the ones I notice most often.
    • Receivers step out of bounds: I notice this ALOT within the 5-10 yard line. Receivers typically will step out of the back of the end zone pretty often resulting in a penalty. AI should be smart enough to know where the back of the end zone is, this is a very unlikely to happen in the NFL.
    • No time outs: In solo challenges, if you restart the challenge/fail it, you and the opposing team will have no time outs. This is pretty tough for challenges that pin you across the field with a minute left.
    • Challenge Play: I have never once seen it give the me option to actually challenge a play, it always says there is nothing to challenge. For instance I dropped a dime of a pass to Moss, possession catch was made, it was pretty 50/50 on being in bounds so I went to challenge, couldn't. I then went to instant replay it he was clearly in bounds with possession, should of been a catch and touchdown but I had no option to challenge with 3minutes+ left in the 4th.
    • Set optimal OVR lineup ignores certain players: Randy Moss is the only one I have seen it happen but friends have reported other players having the issue also. If you try to just use the auto lineup option and set your top OVR, it will act as if some players (In my case my 87OVR Moss) are not top rated players and it puts some of my 83-85s in. I double checked to make sure and Moss is by far superior to these other receivers it puts in over him.

    Really enjoying the game, would love for the servers to become a little more stable and not have 50% of the games I get into be too laggy to call a play but hopefully we get some patch deployments soon.
  • I played Madden 18 last year and this year I was supposed to be at level 10 for play last year but I started off at level one does anyone know why
  • Problems with catch vs fumble rule. If an individual catches a forward pass, turns, takes 3-4 steps, is hit and drops the ball, that is NOT an incomplete pass. That is a fumble. The receiver had clear possession of the ball, made a football move, and even took 3 steps, that is a completed pass that is then fumbled. And there are way too many of these in MUT (where we can't use sliders to fix).
  • There is an issue with announcers contradicting themselves. One says that pass was almost intercepted. The other says, that's the exact right call either your receiver gets it or no one does. Which is it? Was it close to being intercepted or nowhere near it?

    Also, I've played about 60 hours and not a single pass interference call across any game modes. In CFM, I have pass interference set to 70, but still not a single call. And I'm on simulation mode, not arcade which reduces penalties.
  • I'm in an online franchise and we was starting a user vs user game. As game loading it showed both teams as the rams when it was rams vs ravens... when game finally loaded the rams had on bucs Jersey tops with free agent pants... anybody have a solution so we dont have to restart cfm
  • Raven0086
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    Defensive Holding Bug. Penalty called on the offense.

    While on offense playing against the CPU in franchise mode, sometimes the DB will commit a hold on a WR. Ref will call defensive holding but my lineman will be penalized and given the 10 yards. Happened every time the ref called holding on the defense.
  • Online Head to Head games!!!
    No penalties
    No challenges because they are locked
    No reviews on fumbles, scoring plays, etc.
  • Man I'm so disappointed... I dig the new upgrade and scheme fits... but is like we always get water down versions of things... never we can start with something strong from the get... player motion feels horribleeeee lord it's bad, I can run for nothing an locational pop off run but after that cant even get my guys with alot of green infront of them to score a td always get caught from behind even if I smoke the cb... and I'm one who enjoys building my team I handle the O n love to see my D go to work by the CPU but cant even do that half the time because it freezes or CPU takes over my O at halftime and game just freezes or stays looking at a player in the bench n nothing happens till I force exit the game... I had high hope but like always crash and burn... it had potential but also EA if your saying your going to work on frenchies mode that dont mean add a progression system and new backgrounds for menu and draft room n call that an overhaul
  • All you poor people with your bugs... I CAN'T GET PAST THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SCREEN!!!!! EA sucks.
  • * All test I have done it doesn't matter about the create coach face #, body type they all have the messed up heads with either cap brim coming out there forehead or headset coming out of there head.







    #2 No matter what you put FACEMASK ON or ILLEGAL IN THE BACK penalties on they do not work, you see the animation for them during game-play but they do not get called no matter what the slider for them are on.

  • Fumbled with Qb
    My OL just kicked the ball tried pick up ball failed then slowly walked away throwing his hands up in disgust just stopped mid play
    Of Course Def just picks it up :(
  • Missing player stats, so far I've found
    -Todd Gurley (reigning OPOY lol)
    -Vic Beasley
    -Dante Fowler Jr
    -Odell Beckham Jr
    -Patrick Mahomes
    -Will Fuller
    Very annoying when grinding several years in Franchise mode! Losing an entire season and trying to make the career record books is tough, Please fix!
  • And you cant change your formation subs if your coach uses a different playbook than your team. Ex- if I create a coach for any team, let's say the Bill's, and try to use the Falcons playbook, I can only do formation subs for the Bill's playbook
  • Also players some players with don’t have 2016 stats such as Odell Beckham jr and many others with abriviaions in their last name
  • Anyone else on ps4 having a problem with only having 3 helmets to choose from on offline CFM?
  • In custom playbooks the Patriots playbook has the Steelers logo.
  • Haze453 wrote: »
    In custom playbooks the Patriots playbook has the Steelers logo.

    Also the HB pass in I Form Tight doesn't work. The HB doesn't run for the toss
  • Haze453 wrote: »
    Haze453 wrote: »
    In custom playbooks the Patriots playbook has the Steelers logo.

    Also the HB pass in I Form Tight doesn't work. The HB doesn't run for the toss

    Sorry to triple up but Gun Spread doesn't work in custom playbooks. It gets all jumbled up and drops plays from the formation
  • I just posted a thread about a glitch in which the center gets stuck in an animation of snapping the ball instead of blocking his assignment:
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