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Madden 19 Franchise Mode First Impressions

After hearing all the news about EA’s overhaul of Franchise Mode, I couldn’t wait to get the new Madden. Of course, as someone who shells out $60 every year for this one and only NFL game, I’ll surely give my initial critique.

I noticed 3 changes: Immersive environment, player XP development in accordance with schemes and archetypes, and interface layout.

Immersive environment provides a nice background but that’s it. It’s not that EA didn’t do a good job with this creation, but seeing a coach merely walking around his office, a player standing in front of his locker, or a bare draft stage isn’t exactly immersive to me. This feature was overhyped by EA. Backgrounds should not be used as selling points and are not necessary additions; most of us could do without this screen-saver-like addition. If anything, it irritates me as the moving background gives me a headache when I’m trying to focus on depth charts, player cards, etc.

The new player archetype XP system is nice and makes it easier for quick upgrades; however, more in-depth user players should have the option to use XP to upgrade skills individually, as well. If unrealistically increasing a player’s athleticism is the problem, then raise the amount of XP it takes to increase those skills (or put a ceiling on each players potential).. But remember, TO ran a 4.76 40 dash when entering the league but was clocked at a 4.43 as a 44 year old. Options are key in this video game. We want choices. Don’t limit us.

Schemes should be used as a guideline only, as most NFL offenses use multiple concepts based on situation and weekly match-ups. Sure, some players fit schemes better than others, but don’t we want to work on increasing their weaknesses more than strengths so they become more well-rounded?

The new interface is nice; however, when I do a fantasy draft in Franchise Mode, the left scroll bar that shows all the prior picks is missing, and, so far, the only way to view what team drafted who is in the transaction log. Not a fan of that. Also, when I go to “my roster” I can’t seem to access the player card like I could in ‘18.

Overall, I’d say there were not many positive changes to Franchise Mode. EA needs to focus more on the basic immersions and options that games like NFL FEVER offered. Improving the simple things could put smiles on lots of faces.

Side Note: although it may need some tweaking, I do like the real player motion upgrade.


  • Scroll bar is a must. I been doing fantasy drafts with my friends since forever and this was a great way to stay informed to see who was drafted. I did our first draft and couldnt tell who was gone or who was left witch made it annoying. Another thing I would like to add is that the background is cool and all but after 3min it gets old as they do the same thing over and over, why not add news and stuff here so we could stay updated on what's going on around the league, I miss seeing news there. The progression system is cool and schemes are dope but I wish they would have expanded on this and let us build the team we want, before they let us pick the type of players we wanted across the board, kind of dislike there is only 1 scheme with scrambling qb n the type of wr are possession type of wr what if my scrambler has a cannon of an arm and I want to have deep threat kind of a wr? Wish for more flexibility there but the foundation seems good so guess is a start i just hate how everything is always in baby steps.
  • I agree with all of this. Also, is it just me or is there a bug where the camera doesn't lock onto your player in Franchise Mode, while selecting Player as your role? In the Camera options, there's an option for Player Lock and to have your camera be from the defensive perspective, while playing defense - this isn't working at all. Feels like this game was extremely hyped up for 1.) Not a lot of change 2.) Not finished....things aren't working.

    All-In-All....pretty disappointed
  • I’d like to see “legend likeness” faces in create a player and sound bytes for last names. We could create legends as rookies and the announcers would say their names in games. It would also be cool to edit the record books to delete records of whatever player you create to replay their careers.

    An entire “NFL Reset” option would be awesome. Clear the record books, set the salary cap, place teams in whatever division you want, make the rosters with higher limits, etc.

    It would be awesome to reset player stats, clear their records, and start them back as rookies in the current time (Ex: Brady).

    EA gets so caught up in tweaking graphics and gameplay that they forget about the simple, easy things.
  • With the exception of a few things here and there, everything has been copy and paste. Its disappointing that they over-hyped this empty shell of a game with basic features. I mean hell, 2K has had custom draft classes for years. You would've thought that Madden would have it too. At this point, you're paying for a roster update.
  • One thing I have always hated is how the rehash old features and bring them out as new and groundbreaking... lol these things are not new at all... talk about simple things missing, coin toss, boy how I miss this dumb feature n seeing my captains out there... even the OT coin toss in this madden is bad
  • I agree. They should just allow us to use the legends in franchise mode. I am quite sure they are aware that people want this function but it has not been addressed in any fashion. Each year I try to post about this and it gets bypassed. At least 2ksports (NBA2K) programmers actually listen and give feedback to people in the forum. And updates are done all the time
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