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MUT Sqad Challenges Against AI (Season Mode)

In All-Pro mode trying to do the MUT Squad Season gameplay, All-Pro seems A LOT more like All-Madden on steroids. The AI AWR I swear is boosted to 99 for every player and forget dropping back to attempt a pass because AI defensive line is OP. Running is tragic and not even worth trying to do. Any human controlled player feels like they are running in quicksand or something. The AI can juke so much and never seems to run out of stamina. The AI spin moves are OP and AI controlled ball carriers can never be brought down with 1 tackle in open space. I understand there is to be some level of challenge here but at least give the human player some chance to actually win a game! This game mode is so extremely frustrating and pretty much impossible to play due to the insane level of difficulty.
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