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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: February Title update

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Numerous Issues that need to be addressed...

This is in most modes in Mut, not just squads. There are NUMEROUS bugs and I have posted on your forums, social accounts and bug report forums and have not gotten a single response or acknowledgement that these issues will be addressed.

Def assist does not work in squads games or squads against pc regardless of difficulty settings. This is almost a deal breaker for me as I often use it to assist in pass coverage.

Online games in general just have slower movement and pace from challenges. These two types should not have stark differences. They did not last year. My squad and I are not pros, but we have always been decent. We struggle now to even be competitive because of the slowness of the online experience and the lack of def assist.

The AI of the defense is just poor. They often stand there and watch plays develop and do not respond. This is NOT tied to ovr of the player. The players should still react to plays and the successfulness of their interaction should be ovr related.

Losing timeouts when a challenge is restarted.

The commentary is completely useless. They often talk about things that happened previously that did not happen. Turning them off is the only option as listening t them babble on about imaginary things that never happened ruins the submersion.

The solo battles are horrific. To increase the difficulty, you penalize the usered team instead of making the PC team a little better. What is the point? If the players stats aren't going to matter, why even give them stats?

It is disturbing that you have updated the stores a few times with packs, promos and players but not a one of these issues have been addressed or even acknowledged. What is your forum for is not to interact with the fan and client base and give feedback?

I do not mind spending money in a game I enjoy to play, advance and upgrade but the state of the game as it is now, I can not throw money at. I get that you championship series and all madden difficulty have little to no assist and make it more challenging for the "pros" but that is a very minimal market share for your game. DO not force your vision for their experience on the rest of us and fix the issues.


  • Agree with a lot of these points. Running backs are slower than hell getting started. And when playing higher rated solos - the game makes your team more mistake prone - rather than just making the cpu team better...
  • I totally agree with both of these statements. Squads is all jacked up due to player switching causing the player switched on, to just stop dead in his tracks. This is terrible on both sides of the ball and as said by The HitMan20, basically renders it impossible to defend passes. It would be one thing if we had some idea of which player we were going to switch to, but even then it would be impossible to continue the path that said player is currently on. This is the same in switching on offence as it causes key blocks to be missed.

    Last year, the fullback or receiver would start on the path that they needed to be on in run plays and backs would run their own routes out of the backfield. This is one way that a novice player could not hurt their squad.

    By the way, there needs to be a snap indicator and/or a button that modifies whether a receiver is sent into motion. We cant look down the LoS and see the snap as one would in real life. So, in order to not be at a stand still upon the snap, players controlling receivers almost have to 'cheat' with the stick to get off the ball at the snap. And as most of us have discovered and contended with, the receiver usually goes into motion, causing routes and receivers to be on top of each other, or worse, delay of game.

    There might as well be a lock on to a player selected before the snap. But then, unless playing from blimp view, one has to select a player that they know is going to be play-side, which is not possible on defense.

    I have also had issues in single player when switching to defenders. Several times have had dead-to-rights picks pass right through my defender as if he were an apparition. I have had the same thing happen to tacklers. The ball carrier just passes right through my tackle with no animation inferring that there was a broken tackle, but the ball carrier doesn't even break stride.

    There have also been instances where my ball carrier gets stuck running in a certain direction. I'll make a cut either upfield or back to the middle, and my ball carrier will not be able to make another cut. He will just continue right into the pursuing tacklers.

    I also agree that defenders don't hardly react to the ball. Also, quarterbacks (and other ball carriers) have magic agility combine with ESP. I've noticed this just playing the campaign solos which are supposed to be at rookie skill level. QBs magically change direction and avoid sacks and it is always in direct response to the direction in which I am (trying) to control my defender. No player at any position ever had instincts like that.

    These are just a few things that makes the game almost unplayable. Not to mention the inequality of coin packs to points packs. Then to top that off, the matchmaking in online games STILL has a huge discrepancy.

    Yeah we get it. Pay to win. But if that's the case, MUT should be a free download by now. It should be entirely separate from the rest of the game. That way people could feel good about throwing 60 bucks at EA every year. Cloud franchises would actually stand a chance at being a viable online game mode if this were the case.
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