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DEVS: Michael Vick OVR 91set bug

Good day,

I just got done speaking with EA regarding an issue I just had, and they recommended I come to this forum to post about it. Which.. interesting that you have support that directs you to a forum, and basically tells you to plead your case and hope someone out there in the ether hears you. But I digress...

Last night I received a 91 OVR Michael Vick from turning in the 5 lower cards for his legendary set. I played with him last night, and wasn't overly fond of him to be honest. Looking at his card, I couldn't auction it, I couldn't quick sell it for training points, the only option, was to add it to a set. Curious, I went through and looked for a set that would take this 91 OVR Vick card, and found nothing.

Perhaps like an idiot, having added many cards to sets, and removed them later, I figured, I'll add this 91 OVR card to a set, and see where it goes, and I'll look at the reward and decide if that's something I want to pursue. So I went to the card, again noted that it couldn't be auctioned/quick sell, so I hit add to set and *POOF* the card is gone.

I look through all my sets multiple times, combing through every single one, I just can't find it. So I decide to contact the EA customer support team. They immediately told me I did a quick sell on it, and I proceed to fall out of my chair. I explain to them that I coulnd't quick sell it, it wasn't an option as I completed the set. Just as all of my other cards that I've received through sets, they are not auction-able or quick sell-able. The customer service team says they can quick sell it. UGH... I explain to them that they can't use a 91OVR pulled from a pack, it has to be the one obtained through the set. Ahhhh! Now we see what you're saying!

I explained to them, "Look at my account, this isn't a hard one to investigate, if I quick-sold the card, look at my coin and training point balance, they remained the same." Clearly... something went awry. The rep, named Harsh, confirmed that my balance remained the same, I received nothing after I added it to set, and the system registered it as a quick sell that wasn't even technically available, which is why I probably received nothing, because it's clearly a bug. Now the wheels start turning in Mr. Harsh's head, and he realizes this is a legit complaint, and admits he doesn't understand what happened.

So he instructs me to come here, and hope that someone that can do something about it, hears my call for help. After spending a couple of hundred on MUT this weekend, and dealing with an angry wife for doing so, it really sucks to lose out on a card for absolutely nothing, of which, had real world monetary value associated with it. Bear in mind that you can quick sell OVR 91 legends obtained through MUT packs, as I have verified with my Champ Bailey card, but not legends obtained through card collecting sets. The first person I spoke with had a difficult time grasping these differences.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Xbox one
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