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Who should I contact?


My problem is that I got a Madden rewards code for a free game, but the code don't work in Europe. I've now tried for 2 weeks to get help, but all i get is various answers and told to contact someone else. I've talked to playstation (who can't help) and tried the EA chat 6 times! The last one told me that i had to post in this forum, but when I did the thread got closed:
- "The forums also aren't the channel to try and resolve this issue, so I'm not sure what to tell ya. Sorry about that. I am going to close this thread now and would suggest trying to contact support again if you still need help." https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/discussion/comment/1976536#Comment_1976536

Can I please get an e-mail address to someone that knows about the Madden Rewards program and have the opportunity to help me? When I tries the chat I always have to start from scratch (I've done it 6 times in the same case #42564188), and even if they understands the problem they claims that they can't send out new codes. I need to get in contact with someone else.

Please help!


  • NatureBoy2323
    2039 posts Game Changer
    I will forward your case number and what's going on with my Community Manager.
  • EA_Roger
    1470 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey @Sjakkjonis,

    I aplogize for your overall experience with our support as well as the inconvenience this has caused you on the back-end. Thanks for providing your case reference, I've picked this up & I won't ask you to contact our support any more. I'll pick this up directly.

    I'll DM you about this.

  • The fact that EA makes you consult the forum vs having the answers for you when you contact them is pretty weak on their part.
  • EA_Roger
    1470 posts EA Community Manager
    I'm not going to lie, this was a poor experience for this player and this shouldn't happen. I've passed on feedback to the dedicated teams to try and ensure this doesn't happen again. I'm glad that @Sjakkjonis has finally got into the game at the very least!
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