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The AI passing defense is OP.

The AI passing defense in this game is so unrealistic and OP now im not the greatest madden player but im decent i have been playing madden since madden 1998 and i can hold my own on ranked games but this games AI for the passins is so unfair watching a line backer run by chasing some one at full speed but then they are able to stop on a dime reach backwards and bat your pass down is ridiculous!and the amount of times the defensive linemen will swat your ball or even intercept it is also extremely ridiculous oh and it seems like the super jumping linebackers are back in full force....and the defensice backs ability to knock a ball out of your wide outs hands is just dumb i have had DB's knock balls out of my receivers hands while flipping around upside down and it happens all the time its just super annoying.


  • Nah its not op, the AI just increased. The awareness of the AI is better so they the ball better.
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  • Try using the precision pass (tap tap).
  • shahidj729
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    Nonsense the pass defense is stupid unrealistic. The creation of this years game is horrible, all the screw ups in 18 towards the end " we are working on 19" worst madden I've played in years the concept great overall execution terrible you can tell the difference between the design from last year and this year the guy ducked when it was his turn to shine

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  • abc2056419704
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    xShadeaux wrote: »
    Try using the precision pass (tap tap).

    Show me any tape or footage of a line backer running full speed trying to cover someone but then stopping dead in his tracks reaching backwards and batting a ball down...especially multiple times a game....im sorry but nobody has that good of ball awarness or that kind of gravity defining skills.
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