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Solo Battles only for best players?

Ok, I admit that I am not a great madden player. But I'm doing the solo battles and playing them on all madden mode for both the challenge and the chance to get a high rank and get some rewards. First I end up going to overtime mostly due to some serious issues with glitching movements any time you try to run the ball. Also everything is moving so slow it is crazy. I win the coin toss and choose to receive. Drive down the field using the clock as a weapon and kick a field goal with no time left on second down and short from the 10-12 yard line. Game over?? Well, for a split second it does say "Final" by the score of 13 to 10...then a new screen appears and we are now in a second overtime. Other team passes deep...I have a man in perfect position to go for the interception or at least a tipped pass. I switch to him and he stops dead in his tracks, giving the WR a 5 yard free zone around him and an easy catch and run for the TD....I lose..... I mean, guys like me have to grind these games out. I expect to lose a lot but enjoy the challenge of the grind. But now feel like I simply wasted my time. What was the point? At first I thought that solo battles were a great way for guys like me to actually earn some rewards without having to do player vs. player matches where I am completely out classed. But again, only the better players that are capable of putting up huge points and somehow not have a npc player wide open every other play can succeed in solo battles. Why did you create solo battles anyway? Makes no sense to me now. Think I have rambled enough. Also think I have played your game enough years. Moving on. Thanks for the memories


  • You know, I can't find anything online about what would happen in an NFL game should only one team get the ball and somehow work the clock all the way down and kick a field goal. Could be that there would be another overtime...idk.
  • Both teams have to have at least 1 position in overtime unless the 1st team with the ball scores a touch down.
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