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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: February Title update

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Solo Battles

While this should've been a fun addition to the game, EA has coded it in a way that it is utterly not enjoyable. The o-line of the CPU can hold blocks forever, yet the user's o-line can't hold a block for more than three seconds. The CPU defense can lock up everyone, but the user's defense leaves guys wide open. If the user tries to run, they will almost always get stuffed in the back field, even if you don't hold turbo, yet the CPU will get giant holes and break more than half of the tackles attempted against them, no exaggeration. The only way to win is to use cheese plays, which really isn't fun at all.


  • I've noticed these issues at times too. It seems to me to be more related to the different play styles. As a long time Madden player I see what they're trying to do, make the game playable for everyone in their own way or preference. When you have all three styles though in one mode, MUT, it does get annoying that the game and your players play one way in one challenge but play totally different in another challenge in a different style. I really don't like the idea of having three different play styles in one mode.
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