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My Madden 19 MUT issues

Some are bugs, some are broken mechanics...

1. All timeouts for both teams are lost when restarting a solo challenge
2. the QB/HB exchange in MUT squads is broken. HB constantly runs into QB slowing him down, or pauses after getting the handoff and messing up the play. Same type of play in solo play has no issue.
3. MUT squads vs cpu or humans has NO kicking direction indicator on the players screen who is punting or kicking, yet does show up on other human players screens.
4. Run game is AWOL. HB and WR players run so slow as to be useless, even with massive head starts, they are still caught from behind by defensive players with far slower speeds. Run blocking is bad this year too.
5. Secondary couldn't cover a bed if they were a blanket. Don't ever seem to react to play, and if they do, they seldom attempt to swat or intercept. It's like EA expects the user to control all 11 people at the same time.
6. Very poor QB/WR combos on rookie and pro levels in solo modes are catching way too many contested passes. Beyond frustrating in light of issue #5.
7. Switching to a different player in MUT squads causes said player to stop moving entirely. Should keep moving until you move your stick or something. Really bad on swing passes when someone takes control of HB.
8. For the 4th year in a row, the Dallas jerseys are STILL incorrect. Dallas is LIGHT at home and DARK away. Seriously....
9. Solo Battles use exhibition presentation rather than quick, so takes forever. In addition, it uses playbooks that are not what are set by user. I use Pat's playbook on offense, but in solo battles, it uses dallas default offense playbook. I refuse to play this mode in its current state. This issues along with those listed above make it pointless and frustrating, not fun at all.
10. in hurry up, there is a 3 sec pause between lining up and actually snapping the ball. Grrrrrrr
11. Teams without timeouts can glitch on a long completed pass play and get immediately to the line with no time off the clock to spike the ball. Double grrrrrrr. I am not sure how this happens, but it has happened when playing MUT squads against CPU, solo challenges and once against human players in Squads.
12. Sometimes when setting up a mut squads game, friends do not show up in the list to invite.
13. Upgrading cards is a nice addition, but as usual, sucks because it costs more to upgrade than to buy a better card outright. Make training tokens easier to come by. Also, get rid of requiring elite versions of players to upgrade too. To upgrade a full power up card could require almost a million in tokens, but can be purchased directly for half or less. Great idea poorly implemented.
14. REQUEST: It would be nice if we could choose to play with 2 or 3 people in MUT squads. Sometimes, my brother and I have waited 15 min+ for a match and finally gave up. Either allow a 2 man lauch or auto launch with 2 people after 2 min.
15. Related to #4, the defense moves at speeds that would make the Flash proud. In general, the game seems poorly tuned/balanced.

I will end on a positive. I am very grateful that the auction house now defaults to buy now price.
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