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Major Bug(s) and/or Weaknesses

PS4 - Online Multiplayer - Seasons - Special Teams - General

Ok so, following a safety, my opponent shanks the kick/punt to second row, far right (my perspective), of the return team. (middle return selected) The ball hits my blocker right in the chest and hits the ground about 2 yards in front to the right. Then my guy just stands there and doesn't even look in the direction of the ball. (CPU controlled entire time) Not only could I not switch to this player, but he had absolutely no reaction to the muff. The rest of the return team has same reaction, which is none. Kicking team of course swarms the ball and recovers, 1st down the other way. This while there was not a single member of the return team in the screen. This is terrible.

The game seems to be all jacked up and I'm sure there will be many more to list so, I will refer back to this thread as they come to my attention. Here is just a list of some issues that I have noticed and I will come back at a decent hour to explain in more detail.

-Switching players in squads
-Auction timer, Unable to place bid message delay, and again having to back out to have coins refunded once bid is over half of actual coins possessed.
-Magical instincts of CPU QBs and/or ball carriers
-Apparitions on defense, passes and/or ball carriers travel right through defenders
-Losing connection to opponent results in no game played
-Defenders not reacting to ball
-Ball carrier getting stuck in direction of travel
-Super human teleportation of defenders at times
-Super human tackle breaking ability of ball carriers, all positions, all sizes and strengths
-Inability of QBs to get ball over the top of shallow defenders on passes to receiver 20yds downfield.
-2-3 second delay to snap ball after team is set
-Delay from route changes (audible is one thing but hot routes are typically done with simple signal between QB and Receiver) but....
-In hurry up, QB goes into audible animation after team is set even though play was called before team was set.

To be continued...
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