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What to post in Madden Overdrive Leagues & Social

This thread can be used to recruit members into your league and also search for a league that will suit your needs. Make sure to provide details of your league and the type of players you're looking for below! :smile:
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  • Need active ,daily players, please join us at Comptonkooons, weird name, but a great top 1000 league, apply today and u will be accepted, thanks
  • Looking for active members to join our league Shaq and Bake. Guaranteed membership if you apply
  • Looking for active players in a new league I’m building BigBallSackers come join have a couple admin spots to help on the build/journey!
  • New league looking for active members lionsden2.0 guaranteed acceptance trying to be competitive
  • Looking for loyal players who are capable of three drives and survival daily in a fun league.(top 1000 last year).We have league championships regularly. Apply to The Wolverines Of Michigan today! Ask for milldog or jhouse if you have any questions.
  • "America's Team (1 and Only) NOW RECRUITING!!!

    If you are looking to join a league or get out of the crappy one you're in cuz' they simply don't care nor do they understand the concept of teamwork, then come on over to a league where we like to have fun while at the same time take the game seriously. I myself am ranked 98 with a 99 offense and 98 defense. There are also many league members who aren't ranked as high but know how to play and can hand me an "L" at times.

    Most of us are Cowboys fans (don't hold it against us) but we've allowed fans of other teams to join (We even have a Patriot fan in there... bahahahaha.) All we ask is that you play your LvsL drives ALWAYS and strive to be active in group chat as much as you can be. We understand we all have priorities but contributing to a league doesn't take much time and we want to climb up the leaderboard.

    We are ranked #723 and want you to have a minimum skill rank of 93 and skill level of 50. We can make exceptions if you can prove you are committed and able to beat teams ranked in the low to mid 90s consistently. If you wanna be a part of the fun search for our league in-game or reply here. See ya soon!

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