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Bias all madden

Here we go, I'll try to keep the list short.

Commentator and ref glitches all over.
Glitch- On foot in TD. After a TD my opponent (Computer) only got one foot in, so it was reviewed and the commentator said the 6 points was taking off. Nope, the ref said it was a TD (Before commentator said no). The commentator then said it was a nice TD after the extra point. That mistake never happened when I made a one ft TD,

All-Madden is Arcade mode hard. The 75 rated WR destroys my 95 rated CB. Von Miller gets knocked on his A** all the time. I drop two-handed off the chest passes, the computer makes a one-handed catch with a safety. Thier coverage is amazing and my guys don't know the concept of covering.

I'm scared to put it on all-pro. Then it will be too easy. Sliders don't work well either. I want to be challenged and lose some games, but when TB goes up 35-0 something is wrong.

I get sacked 10 times and make maybe 1. The computer teammate help is horrible.


This could be a great game, but there is a lot of issues to be fixed.

Give the arrow on kicking back!!

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