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Improvements needed, but good

So the new player progression is interesting, but you can’t adjust traits anymore. Like the ability to get your foot inbounds, which no WRs do. Still no retired numbers. Import draft class only works year 1, and once you edit the draft order, it looses the rest of the speculation and lists everyone as undrafted speculation. Fumbles seem out of hand this year. The graphics and motion improvements are good. But like always, they took a couple of steps back.


  • Agree the progression is new and fresh kinda cool especially when you go up on something like speed strength agility or acceleration since that was super expensive last madden... only thing I dont like is that let's say I have Marshawn Lattimore on my team me and my buddies finished our first year and I'm maxed in all archtypes yet there are attributes that are not maxed out like my zone coverage and what not and seems like there is nothing u can do... also wondering what u do with the extra progress points u get with a said player they just go to waist? Another thing is same CB he was a scheme fit for me once I maxed out man to man I went with zone and when I reached 99 in that category I lost my scheme fit logo I thought he was able to keep that since I'm 99 man to man... would like to get some clarification on this. To add to another of your points, fumbles are deff out of control I fumble like 4 times a game lol got so use to it I stay running by the sideline just in case I do.
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