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EA Madden Hard Knocks

I would love for the EA team to have a “Hard Knocks” style TV series one of these years. It would be incredible to follow the team for a year to see all that goes into making Madden everyday throughout the year. We could see just how difficult it is to create this game in the allotted timeframe.

It would be awesome to see, for example, how the person assigned to “player ratings” actually studies and breaks down a player to assign traits and ratings (in detail).

I’d love to see how they decided what’s going to be incorporated into the game and what is not, what changes are priority, etc.

Hey, who knows... maybe some computer geniuses out there will watch it and offer their advice on how to incorporate something the team is struggling with. But some heavy criticism or idea stealing may occur, as well.

Nonetheless, it would be very revealing to the fans to see just how much goes into making a video game and all the challenges along the way.
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