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Solo Battles - Wrong Playbook

I'm sure everyone else has noticed, but whenever I play solo battles, I can't access my playbook.

There's a few workarounds posted on the net, but they either involve buying uniforms, or changing the default playbooks in the options menu.

The problem I have is that I use one of the alternative playbooks for offence and have no idea how to select it. The only alternative seems to be to buy a similar playbook (although I've no idea which one would be similar to the 'run heavy' book I use). Trouble is, I don't want to spend any coin or exchange players.

Anyone know of alternative workarounds or when the bug will be fixed? I'm missing out on some of my favourite moves (such as 'Surprise Fullback In Your Face' and 'Distraction Fullback In Your Face') and it's totally screwed up my audibles :(
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