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Turning Black & Silver Challenge Driving Me Nuts.

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edited August 2018
Ok, this is one of those challenges (can't remember which series) where you have to come back from 21-0 in the second half of the game.

However, it's wrecking me. I try at least five or six times a day, but it's vexing me with constant interceptions, sacks and fumbles. I'm lucky if I make a score in the first drive and I've only managed to get to 21 points once in all my attempts.


The Raiders managed to score a touchdown from a kick off with just ONE second on the clock.

I've had plenty of games where I've encountered 'bad luck', but also had a fair share of my own. However, this challenge has become my nemesis and I'm starting to think there maybe something amiss with the AI because every first drive involves either an interception, vexing turnover or a fumble which is returned for a touchdown. With this challenge, if you don't score a TD on your first drive, it's incredibly hard to recover.

Anyone else having this problem? Any advice for beating this particular challenge?
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