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Weekend League | Weekly Rewards Update

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Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

I just wanted to give you an update that Weekend League Rewards for Madden 19 will be "rolling out" around 2:00PM ET later today (August 21st).

Please note that the reason we roll out these rewards and they are not all dropped at one time is to not create any stability issues in game by overloading the servers.

We expect that everyone should have their Weekend League Weekly Rewards within 24 hours or sooner. If you have not received your rewards by tomorrow at 2:00PM ET, please contact help.ea.com.

Below you will find the Weekly Rewards Structure for Weekend League:


Some points of clarification below:
  • Tokens are Series 1 Tokens
  • Mashup Fantasy Packs will allow you to choose 2 items out of the pack. Below are the details of the WL Rank Mashup Fantasy Pack broken down by placement in the Top 100:
WL Rank 100-51 Mashup Fantasy Pack
  • 75,000 Coin Quicksell
  • 75,000 Coin Quicksell
  • 500 Training Points
  • 82+ OVR Elite Player

WL Rank 50-11 Mashup Fantasy Pack
  • 150,000 Coin Quicksell
  • 150,000 Coin Quicksell
  • 1,000 Training Points
  • 85+ OVR Elite Player

WL Rank 10-1 Mashup Fantasy Pack
  • 250,000 Coin Quicksell
  • 250,000 Coin Quicksell
  • 1,500 Training
  • 85+ OVR Elite Player
  • 85+ OVR Elite Player

*** Yes, WL Mashup Fantasy Packs do provide multiple Coin Quicksell and/or Elite Player Item options to pick from ***

Once our teams have information on the Weekend League Monthly Rewards Structure and official roll out time, we will post that information in the forums.

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