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Save the Game!!!!! Alternate Play Format

There is a crisis associated with football.
The game has become way to complicated and divergent from the game we grew up playing.

Please consider this request as an alternate play format that best represents how many of us grew up playing in the streets and fields.
1. Only require 3 down, ineligibile receiver lineman. This would potentially allow for more downfield pass catchers, less edge rush pressure on qbs (that reduces qb injuries), and less injuries downfield due to more downfield congestion.
2. Get creative with helmets and pads that look more like rugby style equipment. We never wore helmets or pads in the streets and playgrounds and we rarely got injured as we played in a manner such that we had to protect ourselves while tackling running etc...
3. Simulate the game such that the players are playing with this reduced padding and helmets mindset.
4. Start every possession change following scoring or game start/halves at the 20 yard line. We rarely kicked off in the streets.

Please please consider this as an “alternate” play simulation and perhaps the NFL, college or high schools will implement.

If left I modified, the game may disappear as mothers are not letting their kids play this sport due to fear of concussions and injury.

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