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Fumbling and interceptions in Madden 19

Madden 19 has certainly given me some rage moments this year. While the graphics look better (aside from the massive shoulder pads on some players) and the realism to cutbacks and jukes in SOME situations when they actually work, the fumble and the interceptions make the game simply unenjoyable to me.

Every game I fumble on average 5 times and throw on average 3 interceptions. When it comes to interceptions I sometimes feel like the defender morphs to the ball even if they’ve been beat by several steps. Defensive lineman are catching up to receivers and tight ends and making picks (what!?!). I’ve played D1 college football and not once have I ever seen this happen where a Defensive End catches a WR to make an pick. The CB/Safety morph to jump in front of/ or sometimes through a WR to make the catch is simply NOT REALISTIC.

The fumbles are so frequent as every tackle seems to be and explosive car crash hit even when a under 200 pound CB tackles and 260 TE. It’s simply not realistic. No team fumbles every drive. Not even the JETS! I feel like I’m stuck using 5 or 6 sure fire plays that get me out of bounds every time just to get a win. I can never use the whole play book. My QB consistently gets the most rushing yards because my RB gets tackled in the backfield instantly (I know about the turbo issue) or slowly JOGS through the D-LINE only to get exploded on by a CB’s tackle and causes an automatic fumble. God forbid I don’t slide with the QB... automatic fumble!!

I decided to suck it up and change the sliders. I set the fumbles and interceptions to ZERO and sure enough first play of first game... FUMBLE! And even and interception.

None of this game is realistic and when you try to adjust the fumbles and picks to your liking so it’s at least enjoyable it still finds a way to cheat you with fumbling and interceptions.

Perhaps they shouldn’t market this game as an actual simulation but just an arcade that comes with a pack of Xanax and doobie.

It’s not realistic. It’s not enjoyable. It’s not right.

I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears and changes will be eventually made. Otherwise I gotta say it’ll sadly be my last days of madden.


  • Madden will always be an arcade game. They can market it as a simulation all they want...but at the end of the day it is nothing more than an arcade video game. Heck, the plays are not even real nfl plays. Some concepts might be copied, but thats it. Go look at a real nfl play and see how it is supposed to be. I dont think ea has the ability to program that kind of logic.
  • Absolutely agree, if i was a game engineer at ea specifically madden id be so disappointed in how poorly the game came out. I play w the rams, todd gurley was second in the league with 24 fumbles, 2nd only to jarrod goff who had an astonishing 44 fumbles lmao. Not to mention the 19 pics thrown. Ive tweaked sliders and everything. The only luck ive had tweaking sliders, is if i do it on the home screen settings and in the franchise slider settings and its still unbearable. I truly believe if ea took a step back and realized people still like playing against the cpu it'd go a long way towards improving. But for now we're stuck in an "online only" type of game
  • Game is silly. I'm with ya 100% on the car crash tackles and the idea that 1 out of 3 of these 'big hits' will result in a fumble. The most aggravating ones at when you, as the ball carrier/receiver, don't even get the opportunity to 'protect ball'. The kill shot is laid on just as the receiver or back touches the rock, and oh big surprise, it comes out.

    The warp plays are ridiculous on both sides of the ball. Like the OP said, you try to play a realistic style game and hit receivers in the windows that one would in real life, and the dang defender, who is beat, will magically recover and either break up the pass or make a pick. All on a play where he was beat dead to rights.

    Conversely, there are a handful of routes (typically crossing routes) that the defense just refuses to cover. Then if somehow you can actually get your guys to cover these routes, the receiver will warp boost at the last second and get the separation needed for the completion.

    If you really need a completion, just roll out and playmaker a receiver to anywhere on the field and he'll get open. ( times out of ten, playmaker will cause the defenders to just quit covering or running with the playmaker receiver. You can even playmaker a receiver right toward the yellow zone LBs in the middle of the field and more often than not, they won't pick him up.

    At least in playing the CPU, it will do several different formations and plays to screw you over. In online play, these things mentioned above have just reduced most people into running the same 3-4 plays from a couple different formations on both sides of the ball. Very rarely will you get matched up with someone that doesn't just seek to exploit weaknesses in the games programming.

    This is apparently how the people making this garbage want it. If you need proof, go watch Madden 19 Madden classic videos on youtube. I happened across this the other night while watching another video posted in another thread. It starts out with Skimbo (the guy that won the whole thing) vs. Drini (one of their exalted "gamechangers").

    Both these dudes ran out of the same 2-3 formations at most, on both O and D. The entire time both used dollar and nickel packages on defense with safeties subbed in for linebackers. Of course neither of them established any kind of run game against these personnel packages like any team with any sense would do in reality. This is because the game is designed for defenders to just blow up run plays, regardless of size and strength mismatches and/or double teams.

    Skimbo, the guy that won the tournament I guess, just cheesed it up on offense the entire time. Ran a bunch formation and motioned Tyreek wide and beat the defense with a drag route. He did this pretty much the entire time and there wasn't anything the other guy(s) could ever do to stop it. These weren't MUT teams mind you. These were stock teams.

    That's modern Madden in a nutshell. I thought since it was the highest skilled players on earth that I would see some really diverse strategies and playcalling. NOPE. It was pretty much fight cheese with cheese in all the games that I saw a little bit of.

    So, long story long, I don't foresee Madden making any strides toward realism in the near future. These days it's all scripted animation. Funny how technology has advanced this far and Madden keeps getting more far-fetched every year.

    To concur with the OP, the most glaring example of this is the 'car crash' tackles. These types of tackles in reality, would be missed tackles a majority of the time. Just remember those first tackling drills you ever ran, where your coach taught you to just throw a shoulder into a guy, don't bother wrapping up, and then hope and wish that he falls to the ground. Game is stoooopid.
  • Coach said it. This game has evolved into complete joyless garbage.
  • The tone of these comments sum up my feelings for the game exactly, if not the actual problems. I don't get many fumbles, but wow, interceptions?!?! I've turned sliders for human and CPU interceptions, reaction time and coverage to zero and still they come. Defensive linemen regularly turn in to Jerry Rice. OK, DLs do occasionally make picks, but not regularly in the real game. Case in point, did anyone see the Colts Vs Titans Sunday night? Luck threw a ball straight at 91, right into his chest, which he inexplicably dropped. My first thought? In Madden, that would have been 100% an interception, absolutely no doubt, I've seen it a dozen times at least. Contested balls down the sideline 80% end up as a pick. Some great receivers (Hopkins, Julio, JuJu, etc) are being done a great disservice by EA.
  • I just logged on and played a game and my Team fumbled 3 times before half. Of course I’m mad because whatever the think they fixed ALWAYS BACKFIRES! But the game is complete Trash This year!
  • sportsfanatic92
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    I just went through all madden with the dolphins. I run out of single back. I change my gameplans a lot while in game.
    Also the I formation PA plays are usually good for 50 yards when you need to use it
    I fumbled once with kenyan drake all season. No slider adjustments

  • I fumble with my QB after i pick the same shotgun formation 3 times in a row. You need a balenced running game. And set your audibles. Look up cheat plays and incorporate them into the plays and formations your already good with.
  • I think the fumble slider lower, to the left causes more fumbles.

    I do not have an issue with too many fumbles.
  • I agree with all the comments. I love playing football and Madden. This year's game is bad. It is terrible on basic things of football, ranging from throws behind or over thrown, to swiss cheese OL...and the ever present lack of control over a player. I have had several games with fumbles but its the interceptions that bite me good. i am not perfect and I have thrown some bad passes, but its the ones i knew i threw perfect that get caught. Usually it is a DB who steps through or leaps through the Wr. I have had several times with DL drop back to catch a pass with a one hand. sliders adjusted do help but even on rookie with everything set to low, i still get hit with an interception or two. The game needs major fixing and I hope next one fixes all these issues.
  • Jargo_zZzZz
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    im happy to see its not just me. I play madden for the first time an i do first the skill trainer and now a few games. After few games now it feels very skripted. i mean i can predict 3/4 of every 4th down->punt or interception. You can really feel it when you play the first or second down. Defense is kinda just luck. Even in the tutorials i see someone say "this is a good play", but he didnt affect the defense, because he played a player on the other side of the play.
    I even cant a little bit predict if the opponent score a touchdown or just a field goal.

    And can someone give me a tipp to catch a ball? i mean serious. it happen 4 times in one game the the ball hit the reciever, while he is just standing and doing nothing and got hit by the ball in the face, while i press A or X(Xbox Controller).

    But i have to say that the "very good" seattle offense match to the real life.

    And why is there no difficulty between rookie and pro? i mean rookie i can win 30:3 and on pro i loose 30:3.
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  • My biggest complaint is that ranked leaderboard besides being broke is it’s using skillpoint you accumulate but don’t deduct when you lose the game. It’s sad to see kids playing games with 1500 wins 1300 losses and be at the top. Your skill points should be deducted if you lose so it’s not about quantity of games you play. Change it back like madden 12. This will keep kids from logging 3000 games and think there good. So much to fix in this game of course unless your playing MUT then your taken care of.Also the MUT leaderboard seems to work right and is layed out correctly. But H2H is jacked up and broken. Why can’t you make the layout the same and work correctly? Been madden fan since sega 95. 25 years and still far from perfection. What is it going to take.
  • To fumble less, you have to "protect ball" on every play, and do it early, dont try to sprint or pick up extra yardage, just protect that ball. This will cut down on the fumbles, the one time you don't do it, and if your streaking across the middle, its gonna be the car crash tackle, the ballerina spinning fall down throw the ball fumble, and big pointing the finger taunt by the defender.

    Why do the madden defenders taunt more than NFL players in real life. Some designer was like, yas, look at this finger point taunt animation... perfect.. use it after every big hit...
  • Worst madden ever. Can run the ball whatsoever. And agree with previous comments. Have the dbs beat on an in route throw the ball while leading the receiver and the db gets a jolt of speed and winds up intercepting. so frustrating. And when did linebackers become deion sanders?
  • Sorry meant Cant run the ball
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    I'm glad I read these threads. I can't play this game at all. Tried moving sliders, changing stats. All sliders are maxed in my favor, all my starters are tweaked to have a stat of 99 in all appropriate fields....and still QB fumbles about 6 times on average in EVERY game. Interceptions are mostly me just sucking at QB. HB rated 99 overall with 'covers on all hits' 99 carrying.....fumbles on average 4 times a game. HB with tweaked maxed stats 60 yds average per game mostly in garbage time after I had passed for 500 yds because there are like 3 bread and butter plays I hate using all the time but seem to be the only plays I can be successful with. Super hate my 99 speed rated HB with 99 acceleration getting chased down by a a defensive end that has a 65 speed and 76 acceleration. [Removed inappropriate references ] ~Rtas

    What world does Madden come from?
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    If u guys remember when u could ask Madden for his suggestion, can we Plz get ask Romo plz
  • Hi everybody. Madden NFL 19 is the first game of this series I play. That's probably why I'm not so exigent with the game. I'm totally enjoying it and sure I will become a fan of this sport too. In my country (Spain) what you call "soccer" is most popular, but I think American football is most interesting and exciting than European soccer.
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