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My Player - Can't play if not a starter?

So I made an undrafted RB and spent my whole first season riding the pine with the Jets. In my rookie season, I got to come on for a few series during the preseason, but that was it.

Now in Year 2, I'm in the preseason, and am still a backup. I go into each game, and the Super Sim is supposed to let me take over when my player is on the field, but it won't anymore. It just sims through the whole game, even when my player is on the field, and I never get to play.

Is this a bug? Can you only play if you're a starter? This is very frustrating. I'm playing the PC version.


  • Is you rating higher than the starter? If it is and your still not getting in then yea i would say its a bug.
  • AWanderingFlame
    9 posts Member
    edited August 2018
    No, my rating is lower than the starters, but in the third quarter of each preseason game, my character is brought in as RB, but I don't get to play, it just keeps simulating.

    I still achieve objectives if he played X amount of snaps or rushes for Y amount of yards, but I never actually get to play.
  • Yea that is weird, considering you still achieve objectives. I guess its the CPU achieving them.
  • This is happening to me with starters and none starters. It seemed to have happened with a recent update.
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