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Why mut squads still suck after 1.07 update

1. Secondary coverage is beyond appalling. They play like they are wearing blindfolds. Cant even stay in the same zip code as the reciever they are covering
2. Making things worse is that recievers catch everything, especially the cpu. Defense boils down to getting lucky rather than a display of football skill.
3. Switching players causes them to behave erratically or to stop moving entirely. Motion is not fluid nor continuous.
4. In hurry up or hurrying to the line, there is WAY TOO LONG a pause before you can snap the ball.
5. Running is so bad even the cpu doesnt run much. Hb bumping into qb, pauses by hb after handoff, random stuttering and shaking by hb when trying to guide them in through the line, and
6. Offensive players run so slowly as to be almost comical. They look like they are marching, not running.

This game feels like a beta. Madden 18 was way more polished and fun to play because you felt you had control over your players.


  • Agreed, Madden 19 kind of sucks so far. Whenever I get an interception, the guys just dives to the ground after making the catch, even though he has it in his hands already and should be running. It looks stupid and is extremely annoying.
  • I should also menton:
    7. Being tackled by your own team after an INT all the time
    8. Camera panning to coach during hurry up so you cant see what is going on on the field.
  • I agree with all of those points. I notice your handle is Physics_Prof. So, explain to me how a ball carrier can be running for 10 or more yards, have a full head of steam, get caught from behind and stopped dead in his tracks or even pulled backward? How does a right handed QB sprint-out left (or vice versa) and deliver a throw back across the middle of the field with pinpoint accuracy? This whilst QBS can't hit the broad side of a barn while in the pocket because of 'pressure' that may or may not even exist?

    Common sense physics obviously weren't taken into consideration for 19. Something is definitely amiss. 95% of all tackles are shots that knock the guy out of his cleats. 175-180 lb corners putting guys like Kelce and Gronk into the stands rather than being dragged for a step or two.

    DL almost always gets penetration on runs but almost always gets stoned on passes.

    LBs hit gaps like lightning and run through them without any hang ups at all, while RBs take an hour to even hit the hole and then will stagger or stumble into the nearest blocker or defender once they get there.

    Its not even 50/50 on whether a ball carrier will fall forward. Its more like 70/30 that the tackler will either clean his clock, or force him backward.

    The pause on handoffs is terrible, same pause after making catches and trying to cut north and south. I've even tried to slowly round my cuts upfield to no avail.

    The cut scenes definitely screw ppl in preplay. Even when playing the cpu they are so frequent that I wind up running X a lot of times in an effort to get past the cut scenes.

    And I totally 100% agree on the snapping the ball issue. I've seen this thing tak 3 whole seconds to snap the ball and that's with NO pre-play adjustments. It's like the QB takes that long just to put his hands up, or under center. I'd hate to be totally new to the game and have to thumb through my playbook, pick one at 15 seconds, watch it take 10 seconds to line up, and then not manage to get a snap off in the 5 seconds I had remaining.
    Basically, if one doesn't select a play by the time the play clock is at 18 seconds, then they can pretty much forget about making more than one adjustment. It's bad.
  • You can never pick up fumbles. You just run around the ball until the other team picks it up
  • Physics_Prof
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    edited August 2018
    Dont even get me started about all the physics that is wrong....
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