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Semi-Noob Needs Help Choosing Playbooks.

Hi. I'm a semi-noob (haven't played Madden for decades, know the general rules of football, but not the intricacies).

I'm playing MUT, but not sure what playbooks suits my desired style.

For offence, I'm currently using Seahawks or Alternative Run Heavy (I like running plays), but I'd like to get the Run 'n' Gun (not Run 'n' Shoot). However, it's the defence (or should that be defense) that I can't settle on.

I'm looking for a something that can easily mix up 4-3 and 3-4. I've got Vea and McCoy as DT's, but sometimes I want to play a 3-4 with just Vea when I know there's a long pass coming.

I understand that I may be making a load of schoolboy errors in my decisions and I'm out of my depth tactically, but I was hoping someone would know which defensive playbook offers versatility for someone learning the more tactical aspects of the game, rather than a focused playbook for experts.

Cheers :)
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