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Madden Fumball 19

How many of your losses are from gratuitous and unlikely fumbles?


  • I'd say about 80% for me.
  • I don't know how many games it might have cost me. I lose too many to attribute it to just fumbles. While I do think that the fumbles aren't as frequent as they were on 18, I still think that the fumbling is ridiculous and describing it as gratuitous is hitting the nail right on the head in my opinion.

    It is just too common and happens more often to the players that are less likely to cough up the rock in reality. I've probably only seen one or two strip sacks on 19. More often than not, a hit that would jar it loose from a QB winds up being an incomplete pass. Most of the fumbles I see are either on returns or are caused by the superhuman abilities of defenders on backside run-through. I rarely, if ever, see WRs fumble while making extra moves which is way more common in the real world than a RB being stripped from behind, by a guy that should never be able to run him down within the first couple seconds of a play.

    Yeah yeah yeah, "protect ball"...but at what expense? Once you hold 'protect ball', your player is basically rendered useless from that point as it causes the runner to dramatically slow down, lower his head, and is then unable to perform any elusive maneuvers. As I type this, there is a plethora of drills being taught and ran at every level, across the country, that teach and promote balance, agility, speed, and vision while covering the belly of the ball. What nobody teaches, is to 'protect the ball' and just look for a place to lay down.
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