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Help Defending Against Wide Runs.

I'm getting murdered by outside runs, both in H2H and vs CPU.

Any help would be appreciated as I'm a semi-noob.


  • Taipans_Son
    19 posts Member
    edited August 2018
    There’s a few things that seem to work. Make sure you’re in a linebacker heavy set. I use a 4-3 or 4-4 depending on the offensive TE composition. Using zone coverage is very useful because the players don’t turn their backs—cover three is great—MAKE SURE ON PRESNAP TO HAVE DEFENSE PLAY UNDERNEATH COVERAGE. This way, they’ll be looking for drags and will react quicker to runs. With a little practice, learn to use SS on safety blitz. Blitzes are notoriously bad in madden this year...unless they are glitches. But, if you use your SS, you can “stunt” the blitz and drop into coverage for any underneath stuff or if you see that it’s a run, shoot the gap, allowing LB to spread outside. Don’t try to do more than what you are assigned to do on the play, especially against CPU. They will throw to uncovered zone or uncovered man...always. Lol. If you’re SS is fast enough on blitz, he’ll shoot gap and you can tackle RB in backfield. If the RB has high ACC, spread LBs and spread line at presnap
  • You have to run more man run & pass blitz’s to get players in position
  • I played a guy who kept using Weak I Slot - Toss Weak on hurry up offence after I'd set up a general defence for his first down of the game. I don't know whether he'd set up an audible, but his FB lined up on the strong side (did I get the terminology correct?) then moved over to the left side before the snap.

    Basically, he was able to run wide on most plays with little opposition. In the end I just had to user one of my mid linebackers. Trouble is, that particular play the he used stacks everything apart from the TE on the weak side; the LG and FB would block my ORLB and MLB respectively whilst my two CB's were busy with the WR's.

    It's a nasty play.

    I've done some practice using several playbooks and found that standard 3-4 and 4-3 will put a stop to the move if I shift the Line and LB's over to the weak side. Trouble is, it's such an obvious move that the offence will see it coming.

    I've got a lot to learn.
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