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Throw me a bone here....

So far I've won three online games. One of my opponents quit at half time and the other DC'd after I intercepted a pass in the 3rd Quarter.

Yes, I'm old. Yes, I'm slow... but come on! There must be a super-low division where I can play against people who are as terrible as myself? The game even stopped after the first quarter and asked me if I'd like to quit as I was getting hammered (I was losing 21-0).



  • xbox?
    I'll play anyone....
  • Ps4 or xbox?
  • I'm on PC, in the UK.
  • Had a really rotten day today. Constantly got hammered by people being able to pick out receivers 30-40 yards upfield whilst most of my plays are intercepted. Also having issues in some games where the kick meter lags... I missed two field goals and a PAT because the kick meter was lagging. Also, a lot of the time, after choosing an offence play, the play clock is already in the red by the time the defence has chosen a play, so I can't even snap the ball, let alone have enough time to adjust my attack.

    Getting really depressed with MUT now. I enjoyed the challenges and solo games, but apart from losing online, there's not really much else to do. I lost 4 games in a row today; two hours for 50 coin reward :(

    There's draft mode vs the CPU, but that kind of defeats the point of building your own team, plus I lose more coins than I make if I have to use tickets to enter a competition.

    I don't know whether it's because I'm in the UK and playing on PC, but the online matchmaking system is woeful.

    Trouble is, I really enjoy the game, but at the same time it's depressing me. I spent some cash on packs, but I don't think increasing my OVR will help the matchmaking system find opponents of similar skill. It's also very tempting to splash more cash on those packs in the hope of getting a top tier player...

    ...I don't think I can stop myself buying more packs :(
  • That's the idea, unfortunately, is to get you to sink (more) of your hard earned wages in the hopes of being able to matchup. One would think/hope, that the divisional tiers in seasons would match skill levels appropriately. However, I don't think this is the case, especially when "talent' levels or ratings of players is almost never even as far as the top 3 are concerned. I consider myself to be right in the middle of the road when it comes to skill level and likewise on my MUT team's talent level.

    I rarely (and I couldn't stress rarely enough) get matched up evenly as far as the top 3 displayed players go. My top 3 are all rated at 87 and I get matched with 89-91s or I get matched with 83-85s 9 times out of 10. This is not a coincidence just as it is no coincidence that you cant purchase a legends pack with coins.

    The poor matchmaking is by design to get people to hemorrhage money into their coffers. That's why everything about MUT is pretty much at random. Everything from matchmaking to card pulls to the auction system to the disgusting flaws and weaknesses in the gameplay is flat out shady.

    I'm older as well and I just try to spend as little as possible and still compete. To me, that's the modern way of "beating the game." Don't beat yourself up over it because lord knows that even if/when you have a talented enough team and think you are of adequate skill to be competitive, you will no doubt get matched with folks that use every cheap exploit imaginable.

    Also, don't feel alone when it comes to throwing ridiculous interceptions. I just played one a few minutes ago that had one of the most glaring examples of a garbage pick. My opponent ran his FS down low over top of my slot left. (ACE slot formation) They had their DBs walked up in show blitz and my left TE is running up the seem wide open, 30 yds or so downfield. So I throw the pass with just a little mustard on it as to not let a defender recover on a floater. Opponent's SS 1st- magics himself from the right hash to near the left hash in a half second, then 2nd- magics a NO-LOOK interception while trailing my open TE by at least 10 yards.

    So yeah, its usually at one of those moments when I decide to call it a day on madden's malarkey.

    And on the receivers that your opponents find 30-40 down field, that can sometimes be because your guy is just beat. However, more times than it should, it could be due to the fact that your defender just quits running with the receiver. That's not your fault.

    Like when a cheapo constantly scrambles (usually using Vick) to get his receiver to either come back to the ball, or the worst, to break downfield....and your defender just gives up on his zone altogether. Again, not your fault.

    And you are exactly right on the drafts costing you more than you could possibly gain. Plus, this year the drafts eliminate your squad after one loss. Event tickets is just another gimmick.

    Keep playing seasons and stack up as many cards and coins as you can. Try to only build up 2-3 power-up players at a time and try to save coins to get players that YOU WANT in auctions. Try to save the rookie and pro level solos to get your 2 wins and complete the daily objectives list as often as possible. Save your season trophies and uniforms from levels solos to sell for coins. Completing trophy case sets is too much of a crapshoot as you will probably get dealt Aquib Talib (slowest 86-87 CB) if you turn in the 40.

    40 trophies = 60,000 coins. That 60k in coins will likely get you a more valuable player in auctions. Especially considering that you can get a player at a position that you need rather than like in my case, constantly drawing LOLBs. Also, if you do pull a position that you don't necessarily need, look on the auctions for that player and weigh their value in coins vs. training.

    IDK. I'll quit the rambling now as you have probably figured a lot of this out already. I don't have any answers for the lag problem. I will say this, I'm on PS4 in the states and have broadband running between 40-50 Mbps. I have also had the play clock keep running after I had picked my offensive play. Not often, but definitely more than a few times. So, I don't think that is just a lag issue.

    Good luck, hope it gets better for you.
  • Cheers mate. I expect some of my problems come from the lack of total familiarity with the sport. If it was regular football (soccer), I'd have no problem as I've been following football all my life and used to play it everyday, either after work, during lunch or on sports afternoons.

    I'm trying to find some decent reference for the sport. Most websites are either too basic, or already assume a working knowledge of the game. I actually enjoy playing madden and am appreciating the tactical depth of the sport.

    I hope they add more solo MUT content and it would be great if they added a Practice Mode to MUT so you can practice with your team rather than having to use Exhibition mode on the main screen.

    Thanks for your support anyway :)
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