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Bad Tuning in 19 (vs cpu games)

1. It is nearly impossible to get off blocks, and when you do, the cpu qb instantly throws the ball to a reciever that magically comes open
2. When the cpu wants to score, defenders wont even get out of their stance until the wr is 10 yds down the field for an easy bomb td pass
3. Scripting in solo games against the user is so obvious as to be comical if it wasnt so irritating
4. Cpu recievers catch everything
5. Defenders who play blindfolded or dont know how to pick up a fumble
6. Cpu who fakes punts/fgs at a rate to boggle the mind.
7. Defendes that are such simpletons that they cant control more than one part of their body at a time (ex. after an int, they stumble and fall because the lose control of their feet)
8. When humans take control of players after a catch, they stop running, juke in place until tackled, run toward a defnder or slow down until caught from behind. Seriously, wheres the RAC?
9. Cpu defenders that run twice as fast as offensive players with better speed
10. 3rd and 4th and long conversion rate by cpu is way beyond what is statistically likely
11. Cpu can magically get to the line with no timeouts with very little time runoff
12. Stop all qb animations under 2 min so you can get to the line and snap the ball faster

Quite frankly, this game overall is NOT fun to play because it comes across as purposefully screwing the user. Most of the time i feel like i am just waiting to get lucky in order to win some games. I felt more in control of my fate and players in Madden 18.
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