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Madden 19 not much fun....

Strong considering going back to 18. I have posted in other places my issues with this game on ps4, but i am just not having fun. I feel like i am enduring, not stratergizing during games. Last year, when there werent lag issues, you could enjoy the chess match that football can be. Too many glitches, bad defense,... this year for this to be possible. I really wish another company would make a football game. For a series that has been around for 25+ years, this current version is such a disappointment.


  • Oh I'd be willing to bet that NFL team owners are probably some of the major shareholders in the company that has the exclusive license to make this game. So, I won't count on there ever being an alternative other than PS5 having backward compatibility. Its just that the negatives are terribly disgusting and far outweigh the minor improvements.

    For instance, and this is just two little examples from 18 to 19, but in 18 tipped passes and fumbles were way too common. The tips were almost always tipped 20-30 feet in the air and ended up being interceptions 9 times out of 10. Fumbles were so gratuitous that it ruined people into spamming the hit-stick to make what should have been an average, ordinary tackle.

    Neither of these things has worked to benefit the gameplay experience because since their inception, they've never got them even close to reality.

    In 19, tipped passes get juggled between bodies as if there are no arms or hands on these players. Then there the ones that wind up resting on a player or multiple players that are lying on the ground. The worst example of this is when a QB is sacked but there is no whistle because the ball is just resting on his chest or stomach for 3-4-5 seconds. And to where fumbles seem to be less common in 19, when there is a ball on the ground, only an offensive player will fall on and cover the ball, and that's just sometimes. Defensive players will kick it around like the walking dead until it either goes out of bounds, or an offensive player falls on it amidst a crowd of defenders.

    Its amazing how the punters can put a perfect backspin on the ball every time, but a loose ball acts like it is possessed by tinkerbell's ghost.

    I have fun playing but I understand what you mean by enduring rather than enjoying. And it's usually at this point that a super fanboy chimes in with their grandiose ideals of 'sim play' and sliders and whatever else . But you shouldn't have to touch a freaking slider one to get a sim experience. It should plug and play like that right out of the box. Or the other end of that spectrum where some gum bumping doo tries to tell a person that they hate it cuz they 'just suck' When their idea of being 'good at it' is utilizing every cheap tactic and exploiting every weakness in the programming that they can.

    The sad reality is that cheap garbage and ***** maneuvers are just engrained to the point of no return. It's relied upon. That's why certain playbooks can still formulate a "nanoblitz", certain route combinations can still have a guy running by himself down field or in the flats. Receiver spotlight and countering with what should be effective playcalls can still be moot, and Mike Vick keeps rearing his criminal head as a 'legend'.

    Vick popped off a few big runs and made a few great passes in his time in the NFL. He never won anything and sure didn't sustain what success he and his teams may have had. The guy went to prison at whatever height his career was for Pete's sake. Yet here his likeness is on here as a "legend". That right there should tell you everything about the current state of the Madden franchise.

    A guy with a career pass rating of like 80, fumbled about 100 times in about 130-140 games, only threw for around 20k yards in 13-14 seasons, and I think only played in 16 games in one (ONE) of those seasons,,,,is considered a legend. Only in the world of Madden glitchers, is Mike Vick some kind of legend. But then I gotta remember that the tykes making this crap up, probably started playing Madden in 2004.
  • Madden 19 is hot trash. A garbage representation of a madden game.
  • I would rather quit all together than go back to last years game. Each year the only change is what we complain about. It would be boring if it was the same issues with the gameplay every year.
  • It’s the same madden every year. They need to change the entire layout each year. It’s to the point of the people coming out in the same defense every down with their cheat code handy like the old Nintendo code(up, up, down , down, left, right, left, right, b, a, select, start). You can go away and come back a few years later and it’s still the same.

    As a football coach, sceme should play more into the game. Not individual adjustments. A real football game is won and lost in the trenches and doesn’t have a linebacker able to take away the entire middle of the field. Real hof players are consistent for many years not some no name one year speed backup able to play equal to a hof player.

    They only listen to the madden top players because they’re there every year. If they changed the game then those people would throw a tantrum and there would be new top players.

    If madden wanted to be closer to realistic then they’d make run blocking more important. They’d make the line hand fight instead of running into a wall n hope to get free. You can stand in front of a qb after getting free and can’t even jump to bat a ball. What’s that? Was madden a coach that called for 80 yard passes every play? I don’t think so.

    A feature I’d like to see is being able to access the auction block and my cards from my phone to be able to post when I’m not at home.

    I get that the game is shortened compared to a real game and highlight plays are what people want to see but this is the same madden every year with barely any difference. The player’s cheat code (individual adjustments presnap) make me not even want to play head to head anymore. I loved doing that in the past. SMH

    Change the entire layout every year! I wouldn’t and won’t buy the same game every year and that’s why most people are starting to come and go. I won’t be buying madden 20 if it’s the same and that’s a fact. Maybe I’ll get madden 21 for the roster update. SMH
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